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The INSEED project aims to create a modern framework for training and skills forming in higher education in science, design and services management (SPMS) and to promote innovation in service industry based on a model of open, continuous education and cloud type distributed computing infrastructure with virtualized resources and accesible as services, interconnected at European structures.
WP5. Acquisitions

Eligibile Activities:

  • WP5/1. Establishing of the distributed computing, collaborative platform structure, with elastic scalability, re-using local resources and including new virtualized resources accesed as services, for sharing e-learning and research resources for promoting innovation in services. more ...


  • WP5/2. Development of the functional and technical specifications for the platform levels: hardware infrastructure, SOA middleware architecture and services management system and drawing up specifications. more ...


  • WP5/3. Acomplishing of acquisition of the distributed platform components in the public acquisitions system.