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The INSEED project aims to create a modern framework for training and skills forming in higher education in science, design and services management (SPMS) and to promote innovation in service industry based on a model of open, continuous education and cloud type distributed computing infrastructure with virtualized resources and accesible as services, interconnected at European structures.


INSER@SPACE is an open, interactive, collaboration space of universities with industry, governmental and European organizations to promote service innovation through information / demonstration / technology transfer of research results and development of solutions for services systems. INSER@SPACE ensure project sustainability by strengthening partnerships with the TI services industry and with European universities. By strengthening partnerships with universities in the country, the project makes it possible to reduce regional disparities in education from the field, with impact on local economic development based on TIC.

INSER@SPACE, like collaborative environment for dissemination of the INSEED project results, is an approach developed in the UPB that provides support for a modern education of the future, both at research and curricula development level in many services sectors. This involves using cutting edge technology infrastructure of cloud in three directions:

  1. Development of study programs (Master, graduation level and compact modules for continous training) E-Learning type ;
  2. Organizing and providing content area dedicated to Service Science - through a shared environment knowledge (SSKE - Service Science Knowledge Environment);
  3. Development of virtual laboratories.

All these activities are trying to support and promote in Romania a new science called Service Science. This provides an engineering standpoint upon the services. Services become a "product" to be conceptualized, designed, implemented and offered to consumption according to certain "rules" - service level agreements. Is a much more complex view than in the case of a technological process. In case of a service, various other aspects of a business organization must be taken into acount, such as communication between providers and consumers of services, formulating the value preferences and proposals, co-creation of value between them. Also, components of a service are dynamic, they also include human factors, whose preferences are modeled and included in the final product - service. This modern perspective on the service in the project was developed in INSEED own vision, but obviously in a European and global perspective to the university level. This perspective created within the project covers three components:

  • an education plan - at level of initial and continous education, several master and contiuos training programs dedicated to various service sectors, have been developed with partners from academia. These programs were oriented in four directions:
    • general (Service Engineering and Management),
    • oriented to information technology,
    • oriented to bussiness,
    • oriented to various services sectors of society (health, government, manufacturing, etc.).
  • acces to resources – through cloud infrastructure . By its means, at practical support level for sustaining a modern education, it offers a top component of a simple e-learning environment that provides access to content, labs, discussion forum, knowledge environment shared through knowledge sharing environment (SSKE);
  • opening – INSER@SPACE is an open ensemble sustained by modern technologies (IBM CloudBurst), designed to meet all universities who wish to address the Service Science domain and implement programs of study in this area.