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The INSEED project aims to create a modern framework for training and skills forming in higher education in science, design and services management (SPMS) and to promote innovation in service industry based on a model of open, continuous education and cloud type distributed computing infrastructure with virtualized resources and accesible as services, interconnected at European structures.



The first educational component of the collaborative environment INSER@SPACE is represented by the platform dedicated to e-learning, based on Moodle platform. Through this, it creates and promotes a collaborative learning environment that allows teachers to create courses and electronic laboratories, as well as its easy access by all students regardless of their location. Moodle, an acronym for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment (Dynamic Learning Environment, modular and object-oriented) is a software solution dedicated to distant learning, focussing on interaction and collaborative construction of content. The content of the e-learning courses is Master courses, Compact Modules and Continous Training programs, described below: